Electric Counterpoint / Terzo Movimento Mirror 002

by MobilabLausanne
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Screen printing on cut glass, mirror.
70 x 70 x 0,5 cm.

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Born from the idea of bridging the gap between art, collectable editions, and functional pieces of design, MOBILAB is best described as a ‘Design Edition Gallery’, building relationships with designers, artists and craftsmen to provide truly unique series of work.
In initiating and editing copyrighted design projects, we endeavour to create singular stories that go beyond all industrial production constraints. As a result of this, by collaborating with selected designers on realisations that centre around a set theme, MOBILAB is able to offer limited edition collections that resonate with the desires of every creative eye.
It is this commitment to limited editions that positions MOBILAB projects in the interests of both art collectors and functional design enthusiasts alike, making each object become the receptacle of an individual memory for the viewer.