Le Poiré - Le Vertueux (x6)

by Maison SassyParis
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Brisk and acid, it leaves a fine, tender taste in your mouth.



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Friends for more than 20 years, Pierre-Emmanuel and Xavier grew up together in Normandy. They had the ambition to modernize the first alcoholic beverage consumed by any young Normand that respects himself: the cider.
Determined by the desire to propose a quality, hand-crafted, French product and by the aspiration to come back to the sources, they aim at increasing the value of a decisively modern product, forgotten despite its numerous energetic and gustatory qualities. (“Gluten-free, 100% natural, the least calorific alcoholic drink”- it has less than 50 calories for a glass of 15 cl).
Helped by a cellar master with a well-known expertise, Pierre-Emmanuel and Xavier have been developing their project for more than one year and their work resulted in the launch of Sassy, the first contemporary cider brand “Made in Normandy".