Michael & Mondrian — Digital Paintings

by Pinar & ViolaLondon
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This project started as a commissioned work by Items Magazine. We were given carte blanche to contribution to their April 2012 issue on beauty. We have chosen as subject Michael Jackson and Piet Mondrian because these two icons come together around the idea of creating a utopian ideal of universal harmony, perfection and beauty. Their radical explorations broke down barriers. They made these two mythical figures merge in a pattern absorbing the vertical and the horizontal, the masculine and the feminine, the dynamic and the static.
In this project, Michael Jackson and Piet Mondrian are shown in a flat visual surface of a seamless panther pattern, fashion's all-pervading print, as a commemoration to two ground breaking iconic artists having a place in the mainstream and consumer culture.


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Pinar&Viola is a European office making cutting-edge contemporary images which set the fashion of tomorrow's visuals. We create custom-tailored highly aesthetic visual narratives that are timeless for their socially relevant conceptual content.
As an eclectic young duo, coming from Istanbul and Amsterdam, currently living in Paris, we live, reflect and initiate fast changing trends in our practice. This made us become today's experts of avant-garde image creation, working with brands who are the leaders in their line of expertise.