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May 2019 Selection

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There is the fourth NOT TODAY.
There are a pencil, an eggcup and an ultrasonic diffuser modification set in OBJECTS. We talked to the founders of fashion brand HIBU in Lisbon and met the curator Olivier Collet in Barcelona for INTERVIEWS section. In A SPACE FOR _________, we spent time with artist Yuko Mohri visiting the historical building Seikatei in Sapporo, Japan. Artists Isa Ho and Moritz Partenheimer created a photographic series at Westbeth Artists Community, where many artists have lived there for decades. 4 biennials reviewed in SOMETHING SPATIAL. The GALLERIST Tomoko Ashikawa wrote her TRIPS in the cities of Asia. The highlight: a re-imaginationof Salvadoe Dali’s recipes by the guest editor from White Zinfandel magazine for THE KITCHEN. In HI TAIWAN, artist Jun Kitazawa built a hotel about the sun and the local community in Nanjichang, Taipei. For an extended reading,Taiwanese artist Jun-Honn Kao took the residency in Manchester with the project: “How the concept of people be fabricated?”


Book Size: 23 x 30 cm
Pages: 144
Printing: CMYK offset, Soft cover
Language: English / Chinese
ISSN: 2308575-4
Publication Date: Autumn 2014
Publisher: Waterfall

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An uncategorized magazine, a space between art and life. Based in Taiwan, but they love the whole world.