Standard Steel Bench

by Nicholas GardnerLondon
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The Standard Sheet Bench is a monolithic steel form created from a combination of a few simple actions.
Working with a bespoke metal fabrication company, a standard 2.5m x1.5m flat sheet of steel is manipulated in three operations: it is rolled into a tube, pressed flat and the ends are bent at two points to form the verticals. The resulting contours and curves are a result of this rather violent process.

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Nicholas is recent Royal College of Art graduate and founder of studio Soft Baroque. He creates functional products for the market; intended for a parallel, hyper-real consumer space. A highly-referential world where reproductions and iterations of classic typologies and archetypes are removed from their source material; rendering a new set of aesthetic values, that are arguably a much closer representation of our 'desires'. These examples reveal truths, inconsistencies and functional rationalities about modern consumer tastes and culture. Drawing from (post)internet, DIY and corporate culture his work often employs a forceful intersection between cheaply produced ready-mades and components with a polished design sensibility.
So far Nicholas has been showing work at the V&A, Christie's, Aram Gallery in London, Swiss Institute in New York, at Milan, London, Stockholm, Dubai and New York Design Week and been featured in Wallpaper and Icon Magazine as the world's best graduate talent.